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All NeuroMab antibodies are sold as either TC Supes or Purified. Most are available in both forms.

TC Supes: hybridoma tissue-culture supernatant (5mL) generally containing 20-40 micrograms/mL monoclonal antibody (mAb).

Purified mAbs: hybridoma in vivo ascites fluid purified by SAS (Saturated Ammonium Sulfate) precipitation followed by either a Protein A purification or an anion exchange chromatography purification. Purified mAbs are >90% specific antibody at 1mg/mL.

Pricing for NeuroMab antibodies is dependent upon whether the purchaser is from a non-profit/academic institution, or from a for-profit company.

You can find more information about these antibodies, including publication citations, at the UC Davis NeuroMab facility's website here.

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Choose from our quality mAbs targeted on epigenetic markers associated with events like chromatin remodeling to DNA methylation to aid in your specific neuroscience research. Our product list includes best sellers like Dicer (clone N167/7) and JMJD2A (clone N154/32).

Search  Epigenetics - 36 Items


Scaffold Proteins

Browse through important anti-scaffold mAbs targeting processes such as synaptic neurotransmitter trafficking and receptor mediation. Our list includes the benchmark bestseller 73/75-028 (anti-PSD-95) as well as Ankyrin-G and PICK 1 as reference markers for the neuronal cytoskeleton framework. Use anti-Mortalin as a loading control for your Western Immunoblots.

Search  Scaffold Proteins - 69 Items



The study of receptors involved in signal transduction through chemical messaging like glutamate can benefit from the use of mAbs. Our mAbs can be useful in targeting particular subunits like NR2B or identifying whole receptor complexes such as GluR2.

Search  Receptors - 90 Items


CAMs (Cell Adhesion Molecules)

Neuronal development and nerve impulse conduction rely heavily on the presence of CAMs. Choose your next antibody from our list of targets against CAMs affecting the formation of axonal growth such as the anti-CASPR/Neuroexin IV or anti-Neuroligins key to synapse formation.

Search  CAMs (Cell Adhesion Molecules) - 67 Items


Membrane Channels

This product list includes several groups of membrane channel targets such as Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, TRP, and other ion channels. The relationship of voltage-gated ion channels in neurons can be studied with our targeted mAbs. This list includes mAbs for the study of potassium channels in the Kv class including Kv4.2 and Kv1.2 among many others and those associated with calcium channel subunits like Cav1.2.

Search  Membrane Channels - 207 Items


Transporter Proteins

The characterization of vesicular transport in a nerve synapse will be easier with our mAb targets against transport proteins. Our array of mAbs include transport proteins such as the vesicular glutamate transporters VGlut1 and VGlut2.

Search  Transporter Proteins - 39 Items


Tags, Rare Disease Markers, CounterACT, and More!

Our quality mAbs in this list include companion targets for fluorescence microscopy in tracking gene and protein expression. Tags such as GFP or GST can be targeted by the antibodies 73/75-132 and 73/75-148 . We also include mAbs used in the research of rare disease such as Methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria (MMACHC) cbIC type. Don't forget our extensive list of other mAbs used for a wide variety of applications such as mapping neurodegenerative diseases or pinpointing metabolic functions in the mammalian brain!

Search  Tags, Rare Disease Markers, CounterACT, and More! - 283 Items


Validation in-progress NeuroMabs

These NeuroMabs have not yet met the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab facility's highest testing standards for some reason (e.g., the lack the reagents to complete the validation in house). However, they are being made available to end users with the aim of receiving feedback as to whether they would benefit research and should be put forward for large-scale production and IgG purification. If you test a "Validation in progress" NeuroMab, please let the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab facility know how it worked, one way or the other, and send them data at

Search  Validation in-progress NeuroMabs - 7 Items