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Normal Sera (non-immune)

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Whole Animal Sera

All normal animal sera are whole sera from clean, non-immune animals. The sera are sterile-filtered and bottled without preservatives.

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Whole Serum Immunoglobulins

Whole serum immunoglobulins are prepared from normal sera using ammonium sulfate precipitation and ion exchange chromatography. These products contain at least 80% IgG at 10mg/mL and small amounts of IgA and IgM by densitometry. The product is an inexpensive source of IgG and is excellent for non-immune controls or blocking agents.

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Purified IgG

These immunoglobulins of the IgG class are purified from normal sera by protein A/G chromatography using the mildest elution conditions to yield a highly purified IgG. For some species, ion exchange and other chromatographic steps are used. The products are >90% pure IgG, and sold at 1mg/mL concentration.

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