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Secondary Antibodies

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Polyclonal Antisera

Polyclonal antisera are prepared from high titer sera. These react predominantly against IgG but some toward IgM and IgA either via the light chain or due to small amounts of these Ig’s in the antigen prep. Antisera to “Gamma Globulins” are prepared using purified Cohn fractions II and III of normal target animal sera as antigen. These anti-gamma globulin antisera are excellent reagents for RIA and other precipitation type assays. Concentrations of antisera are approximately 20 mg IgG per mL; details are provided on a Certificate of Analysis enclosed with the product. If you need improved sensitivity, refer to our purified antibodies or affinity-purified antisera.

Purified Antibodies

Purified antibodies are prepared from high titer sera and tested by immunoprecipitation. These antibodies are ammonium sulfate fractionated to provide highly useful, highly specific, reagents at an affordable price.

Our techniques minimize the content of albumin and other serum proteins, yielding a product with immunoglobulin content greater than 90% of total protein. The vast majority of the protein is IgG with trace amounts of IgA and IgM. Immunoglobulins are conjugated and then separated from unconjugated label. These purified antibodies are very suitable for immunoprecipitation, ELISA, Western Blotting, immunofluorescence microscopy, and similar techniques where low-level background is acceptable. Purified antibodies are approximately 5 mg IgG per mL (+/ -10%); details are provided on a Certificate of Analysis enclosed with the product. If you need improved sensitivity, refer to our affinity-purified antisera.

“You are the source for anti-monkey serum.”
- Graduate Researcher

Affinity Purified Antibodies

Our affinity purified antibodies are separated from high titer antisera by solid phase affinity chromatography to yield highly sensitive monospecific antibodies. Purity is >95% specific antibody relative to total protein in a 1mg/mL concentration. You can obtain superior performance including cleaner backgrounds in western blots and immunocytochemistry compared to antisera. These products achieve the levels of sensitivity required for quantitative ELISA and flow cytometry.

To further decrease background and remove any residual crossreactivity, we also offer affinity purified antibodies adsorbed against serum protein extracts from commonly cross-reactive species. Many of our products can also be custom adsorbed to the extract of your choice.